Friday, July 28, 2006

the bouwers

this is a post to the bouwers since aunt glenda said she was going to see my blog right when she got home so thats why im posting anyway we had a rily fun time we staed up late watching movies one night and we went to cefe emilio anoter night and went to the cabin and everything we evin stayed the night but i couldent fall asleep we evin played monopoly the werdest thing is joey plad wich we all know is a rare as being struck by lightnin i know this post is nothing new for the bouwers but i cant think of anything eles bye

Thursday, July 20, 2006


tonight! the bouwers are coming tonight! its amasing! fantastic! impossible!..... but true! i hope they like winnipeg...than again who wouldent like winnipeg? anyway after this post im supposed to clean because mom and dad want the house scweecky clean for the bouwers so one of the bouwers would ask: is your house always this clean and than mom and dad would say:oh yes oh yes all the time we enjoy doing 8 hour clean ups every day just kidding we were only supposed to do 20 minite clean ups every other day so thats not bad but i have a feeling that this clean up is going to take quite long so bouwers were going through lots of work and i remember how clean your house was wan we came and if you tell me your house is alwas that clean ill ill...nevermind i have about 50 song on my ipod so far a few song from the all american rejects simple plan this next one if your under 30 you wont know what band it is unless your mom knows every song from them if your ofer 30 you will know who they are the band is ABBA i also have the harry potter theme song jhonny cash erics band wich is aslans chiled cds are 10$ if you want to buy one from him i think hes still in stock a vary talinted band exelent qualaty recording intresting cd cover so everything you want on a cd thayve got it covered and now i have to go clean up:-( by the way sammy mounted buddy again (ill spare you the details)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


the bouwers are coming soooooooooooo sooon i cant belive it
i hope canada does its little moving trick like it did with the oosts and alisha...maby i shouldent say that but even though youve got to agree winnipeg does have its ways of sucking pepole in

Thursday, July 13, 2006


alright ill give you 1 guess what i did to day

A.i got a new tv B.i got a mp3/mp4 hy fai thats 2 g and lookes exactly like an ipod nano but cheaper and is as good if not better

C.nothing D.i went to the pool

chose wisly (who want to be a millionair theme song) weel be right back with you...after the break( i dont know how to spell that word )
(comershals end who want to be a millionair theme song)
crane shot from celing hello and welcome back
if you dont know 50 50 will take out D and A ask the crowd they all say A.10% B.20% C.70% D.0%

the answer is

(click to inlarge)

B.its 2 g and lookes exactly like an ipod nano but cheaper and is as good if not better

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

zipadidooda zipadeda my oh my what a wonderful day

we went aunty lindas for a swim i went for ice cream while joey wached pirites of the caribian dead mans chest i was going to go but it looked pretty freakish so i dident go for inctance
its a trailer anyway i have to go byebye

Sunday, July 09, 2006

ipod blues

im so tired of nit having an ipod its driving me insane yes i looked on ebay im not alloud an account because you need to hand out your credit card number once i get my ipod im goingto be so crazaly happy you wouldent belive it but ........... alas i will not for many amonth(SIGH)

ipod blues (sung to the tune of folsom prison blues thoughout song constand booom chica boom chica boom)

I hear that music playin' its ringin' in my ear i think of all the days that seem like years(four beats in that part) I still dont have an ipod an' time keeps dragin' on but when i hear the music playin' i hang my head an i cry

when i just started my flireroute i sead to myself son what are you gonna' do with all those loads of money i sead ill buy an ipod easyer sead than done I still dont have an ipod an' time keeps dragin' on but when i hear the music playin' i hang my head an i cry

Friday, July 07, 2006


im bored espeshelly because i dont fell good and apple just raised thir price for thir ipod nanos
wich i was goning to get in two weeks now its a month and maby even a month andf two weeks