Sunday, January 13, 2008


the edge was today which was fun. The most annoying and mean guys (we have to invite them to cover the cost left early so we had an hour and a half without them. Also. track and field is tomorrow. I do not want to go. Also I got 12 on 15 for a basketball free throws which is surprising because I suck at basketball. I'm going to the next round. I have a feeling that was just luck though. Now. I want your opinion on something. Which MP3 player do you think is better? this one? or this one? Anyway I have to go to bed. bye.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Boy do I have a story to tell you. this The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains a book i saw on amazon. I thought it looked cool so. Thinking I might buy it later on down the road. Added it to my cart. Than I found this one. A 24 graphic novel. Once again. I thought it looked cool and added it to my cart knowing I would order it later. Than finally. I found this I had already read the first book so I decided to add that one to my cart. I was going to order them tomorrow but I wanted to see how much they would be. Right? so I saw that they were going to be $50.00 Including shipping and handling and stuff. and since it was late I decided to go to bed. while brushing my teeth I herd mom calling to me: Micah. Did you order books from amazon? So I think you know what happened. I accidentally ordered $50.00 of books from amazon. Which isn't that big of a deal because I was going to buy them anyway but. Sheesh.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


WELCOME! this is a list of subjects I would write whole posts on but today I will write multiple sentences that some up a topic

1. My birds are doing well

2. My feet are cold

3. I hate winter

4. school is approaching too fast

5. Hockey

6. We still haven't taken down are tree

7. 24

8. MP3 player

9. MP3 player

10. MP3 player

NOW! while I'm on a roll: Micah's unanswerable questions

1. Why are old people either super grumpy or super nice?

2. Why do you have to pay a taxi so much in PEI?

3. Why do people keep rats as pets?

4. why do people like blogging so much?

5. Why do tasty stuff make you fat and untasty stuff make you slim?

WELL! thats all for today