Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wow! Jed's a big one he looks so small in the first one and he looks so formal in the new one with the NEW! doggie jacket sewed by oma
a big dog now 7 years old in doggie years if I may say so meself this is a skate video edited by ME!!!!!!! you've probably seen it on my moms blog but im going to put it on mine anyway o well


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

do do dooo do do do do dooooo do do do do do dodo


Ironic that

Ironic that I

Ironic that I Dont

Ironic that I Dont have

Ironic that I Dont have cable

Ironic that I Dont have cable and

Ironic that I Dont have cable and still

Ironic that I Dont have cable and still have

Ironic that I Dont have cable and still have favorite

Ironic that I Dont have cable and still have favorite T.V

Ironic that I Dont have cable and still have favorite T.V shows

I rely on seasons The best TV shows are scrubs, the office, the simpsons, and the old CSI its not as freakey and more interesting.

my birds are getting happier but theyre fighting lots hmmmmmmm mom and dad say its normal

Anyway i best be going


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Top 10 bad infuences

1. The Pussycat dolls. Hmm its strange they're problably always running late for video shoots and concerts because they always seem to appear in underwear and bras.

2. The black eyed peas. The people who started started the craze of duscusting songs

3. Justin timberlake. Sexy back? Future sex? when is he going to come out with a new sex song?

4. Hinder. Not neceserely a bad influence but becareful if you listen youll problably shatter your ear drums and if you wach the music video the same will happen to your eyes. They are uuuuuuuuuuugley

5. Fergy. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk i dont even know were to start

6. Practicley every movie star alive

7. Akon. Smack that makes me feel like throwing up every time I hear them

8. Britany spears. I'm surprised the word skimpy wasnt named after her

9. Nickelback. Prettymuch the same as Hinder

10. Nelly Patato oops I mean fertato

Anyway post a comment on wich one YOU think is the worst influence I want to see the vary worst.


Friday, March 16, 2007

:) :( :D :P :O ;) Sideways faces are fun!

hello people I will problably get no comments for this post considering ive been blogging and than not blogging for like a month and then blogging again and then not and then blog and no and yes and no and yes and no and yes and no and yes and no and yes and no a n d y e s a n d n o a n d y e s n o y e s n o a n d yes and noandyesandnoandyesandnoandyesandnoandyesandno and another reason im not going to get any comment is how do you reply to yes and no overandoveragain? anyway. this<---- is a picture that da momza (mom) found brouzing old pictures for some uhhhh just some of my work in the word of mom anyway I thing I will go to beddybye now. oh! but before I do that... check out this web site its a web site that I personaly like hes the writer of the alex rider series (kind of cheezy but wicked awesome) the one I got a boxed set of from scholastic witch reminds me scholastic makes flipping cheap copies the make the pages flippity flipping small for instance i looked at the scholastic version and the normal version and the scholastic version was like half as big. Anyway solong and farewell